Elaine Barker

Elaine Barker threw off the straightjacket of schoolteaching and moved on to the good life: a new home in a country village, giving guitar lessons, calling for local dances with the best of the local folk bands, performing as a singer and guitarist, reciting comic monologues, organising a very successful folk club - and writing 2 books about learning to play the guitar.


Learn to Play the Guitar (Book One)

Book cover: Elaine Barker - Learn to Play the Guitar (Book One).ISBN 0-946997-00-4

Learn to Play the Guitar (Book Two)

Book cover: Elaine Barker - Learn to Play the Guitar (Book Two).ISBN 0-946997-01-2

Learn to Play the Guitar (Book One and Book Two) were devised to compliment Elaine's own guitar courses for Beginners. Both books are simple and straightforward, so that anyone can use them - even if they know nothing about reading music or playing the guitar.

Are you incapable of playing a musical instrument? Surprise yourself! With these books, even you can learn to play the guitar!

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